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May 22, 2008

Great apps for your Nokia device

Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog has brought us his thoughts on which are the absolute must have apps that he downloads first on any new device he gets his hands on.

With ‘nine out of the ten’ apps being free, Mark says S60 devices are a lot like computers in that they allow the user to download items to aid the experience. Some of the apps are as one might expect – a web search tool (Google Search) that allows him to simply press one key to fire up the search box. Also in the list are Sports Tracker, Nokia Maps and Share Online, allowing Mark to find where to go, track his progress and post any pictures he takes along the way. One app that you might not expect, but in Mark’s opinion certainly improves on the bundled solution, is Calcium, a calculator tool that Mark covered in a vlog not so long ago. For a different perspective, check out Zach’s article on Symbian In Motion – he lists the Top 5 apps he can’t live without.

So how does your list differ to Mark’s? He’s keen to find out what you choose to install first? Any questions as to his choices? Head over and leave him a comment.