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May 22, 2008

Maps for everyone (on Orange)

ESPOO, Finland – Nokia and Orange have announced an agreement to roll out new handsets, maps, games and location based services to Orange users across nine European countries.

This is a big boost for Orange users, and for Nokia Maps which is about to move out of Beta and get its first big upgrade release.

We wrote recently about the agreement Nokia struck with T-Mobile and this latest one with Orange will see a host of new services come available to Orange users. Top news for anyone on the Orange network who will get a choice of ten new Nokia handsets in the Orange signature range alongside access to the new services.

There’s been a lot written about how Nokia’s new services are competing directly with networks, something which Kai √ñist√§m√∂, Nokia’s head of devices, describes as “a public images, rather than reality”.

The new services will be co-branded ensuring sleek integration with Orange’s existing services and the devices they’ll be available on.

With more advanced location-based services rolling out, we’re all set
to benefit.

Photo by EdHyker