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May 22, 2008

The big N-Gage conversation

GLOBAL – Yesterday wrote a story about what happens with your N-Gage games if you change or upgrade your device. Right now the answer is simply that you lose your games and will need to re-purchase them. This differs from the original plan where your games would form part of your N-Gage Profile, enabling you to take the games with you on whatever N-Gage-enabled device you choose.

This has caused consternation amongst the gaming and mobile fraternity. We’re not in a position to comment on this right now, but we do want to highlight the discussion right here on Conversations. Once we’ve had a chance to catch up with our gaming colleagues, we’ll be back with more.
Meanwhile, here’s a quick roundup on the main stories around this.

The story started on AllAboutNGage. The team followed up a thread on N-Gage Arena forums which was discussing the movement of games from one device to another. Further investigation revealed that indeed games could only be transferred if a device was being replaced under

The situation enraged enough to go on an all out rant about Nokia. Read the full story here.

Long-time Nokia fan, Ricky Cadden of Symbian-Guru, has taken productive approach in suggesting a (theoretically) simple fix to the problem.

The BBC has also written about the story here.

Please feel free to add links to more on this subject in the comments below, and of course to let us know how you feel about it.