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May 23, 2008

Great news from Nokia Care USA (+BONUS)

USA – As you all know, we’ve been having a conversation about the state of service by Nokia in the USA. The thread started with a passionate but disappointed N95 (ex-)owner. We’ve been digging deeper, trying to get some answers, but more importantly, trying to explore how the situation can be improved.

What’s been most promising is that the head of Care for Nokia USA has been very helpful and has read and thought about the discussion we’ve been having. Also, I’ve been speaking with Global Care and an expert of theirs on how Nokia Care can go beyond the discussion forums and engage more closely in the conversation, much like we do here.

I must admit that we, here at Nokia Conversations, have taken this discussion as far as we can. And I do not think we or this site are well suited to take this discussion where it needs to go. Hence, I think it is important for Care to get directly engaged with you, rather than through this site.

The good news is they are interested in getting directly engaged and over the next few weeks I will be helping them craft a plan as how to do it, and specifically focusing on how Care USA can get directly involved.

I do know that in the past three weeks the head of Care USA has been exploring and working on something concrete that she attributes to the conversation going on here. I do not have the details, so do not want to say anything further until the head of Care USA is ready to tell us the whole thing. Indeed, we are trying to give them some space so that they come out on their own and speak for themselves.

So, in summary, this has been a great conversation so far. We have Nokia Care’s ear and they are willing to listen and talk and are already exploring options.

For us at Nokia Conversations, this is exactly what we are trying to do: Participate in the conversations and act upon what we hear. And it’s working. Hopefully in the next few months we can look back and trace the actions for Nokia Care to the conversation we had here.

BONUS: I want to toot your horn, not mine. It’s been a good few weeks for us. The news from Nokia Care was just one of other recent wins for us at Nokia Conversations. We also were able to push out a comment on the firmware update for the N95-3 and a clarification on the situation with N-gage games. But, these were topics that YOU were talking about and we were missing from. Thanks for bringing us in and helping us be a better company. Let’s keep it up.

Image from gruntzooki