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May 23, 2008

N-Gage update – it’s good news!

ESPOO, Finland – We’ve dug in deeper and we’ve been told a fix is in the works for the recent N-Gage games transfer situation. This is excellent news and although initially it looks like it may need to be serviced through Nokia Care (as an interim solution), there is a longer-term fix in the works.

This created a good deal of panic amongst journalists and users alike and that a solution could be in the offing can only come as a huge relief. As it stands, you can transfer your profile and associated info, but due to piracy issues, not the games. Yet. We don’t have any timeline for the fix, but the games guys are aware how big an issue this is and doing their best to solve it.

The interesting thing now is that this will be a change for mobile gaming. More often than not, games and apps are tied to a specific device and can’t be transferred to a new one. As N-Gage games are tied to a profile and a device, it’s more realistic to be able to port them. That said, it isn’t without it’s challenges, but thankfully those are being figured out. Finally.