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May 26, 2008

Nokia Care goes east

KARACHI, Pakistan – The latest Nokia Care centre to roll out opened its doors in Karachi this week. The opening was celebrated with a “glittering” event at the Ebrahim Trade Towers.

Alongside the usual facilities offered by Nokia Care centres around the world, local Nokia users will be able to check the status of their warranty, simply by sending an SMS with their IMEI number. This is a neat little touch which we reckon could do well to roll out everywhere.

Nokia’s commitment to Care is most definitely global. Rolling out full care centres in every country its active in ensures everyone gets the treatment they deserve. Sure, there’s still plenty of work to be done, as has been highlighted by the posts on service in the USA, but at least its heading in the right direction.

Last month Nokia Care opened its doors in Lahore and our people on the ground in Pakistan tell us there’s plenty more to come. Imran Khalid Mahmood is the Country General Manager, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan
and summing up the opening said, “the Nokia Care Centre in Pakistan demonstrates our firm commitment to bringing services in the local market that will help us meet customer expectations via a constant flow
of first hand information and feedback from our customers.”

Photo by linkadnan

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