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May 28, 2008

Mobility getting to work

LOS ANGELES, USA – Choice is important. Being able to decide which tools you use for your work, rather than having to pick one from a closed selection can make life a lot better, not to mention easier. Good news then that WebMessenger has added support for Nokia handsets. What was previously a closed world (where you could only use a Windows Mobile handset to access Microsoft Office Communications Server) has now been opened up. And that’s a good thing.

Microsoft OCS is a key business tool for employees to stay connected and mobile. Jeremy Green, principal analyst for enterprise mobility at Ovum told VNUNet “Until now, OCS has been a closed world where you needed Microsoft infrastructure and Microsoft handsets, but few enterprises want to commit to just a single handset platform”.

He also believes this addresses a genuine business need. We’ve talked plenty about business mobility and the demand from users in the past and with a range of new devices due out over the coming months, that’s only going to increase.

Everyone stands to benefit. The more mobile employees are, the more flexible they can be in how and where they work. Imagine if every office employee in the country worked from home one day per week. What impact do you think that would have on the environment? Or the local community? It could make an incredible difference.

Whilst the technology has been in place for a while to make it happen, it’s still not 100 per cent, though with this latest news it has just bumped up a couple of points and moved us all closer to that goal of ultimate mobility.