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UGANDA, Africa – Keeping an eye on the environment doesn’t just mean sorting the waste in countries where its produced most. Nokia’s take-back recycling scheme has just expand into Uganda in East Africa, the fifth country in as many months to introduce the scheme in Africa.

Not only are we now seeing developing countries get the level of product and service we get in developed countries, but they’re also benefiting (both the people and the environment) from sensible recycling schemes. Nokia’s take-back scheme is very simple – hand over your old phone and it’ll be disposed of or recycled for free. Can’t say fairer than that now.

Nokia has a recycling plant in Europe which processes old devices and accessories and an additional plant based in Africa is under consideration. This would save the devices being shipped to Europe for recycling.

More and more Nokia products are becoming easily recyclable which gives the scheme even more credence. Surely it won’t be long before every device becomes 100 per cent recyclable – we reckon that has to be the ultimate goal.

Photo by 93684827@N00