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May 29, 2008

S60 sets up camp in Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain This year’s S60 Summit kicked off in Barcelona yesterday. The two-day event is laser-focussed on exploring future trends and visions for Nokia’s global S60 software platform, and promises a sprinkle of extra spice with a bunch of exciting announcements.

Early highlights include news that business powerhouse app WebMessenger Mobile for Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) now supports Nokia S60 smartphones. Plus, S60 also launched it’s new Ambassador website, the portal that enables anyone interested in S60 and who loves talking about the platform and apps, good and bad. There’s a snippet on the new site that sums up this attitude towards encouraging open and productive interaction and feedback, and what an S60 Ambassador is and actually does:

“S60 Ambassadors are dedicated fans of S60. They have an S60 mobile device and are eager to learn more about the benefits of S60 technology. And, most importantly, they love talking about S60 to their friends, family ‚Äì or just the average Joe on the street!…We’ll let you know about new S60 products and developments, and then you can let your friends know about what’s happening in the world of S60. Of course you don’t just have to sing the praises of S60. What we really want are honest opinions from you and the people around you.Then we’d like to hear back from you ‚Äì what you talked about, how people responded and your own thoughts and impressions.”

Is the Ambassador program the sort of thing you reckon you’d explore? If you do, what benefits do you see of being involved? Let us know in the comments section below.

Watch this space for all the highlights from the S60 Summit.