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May 30, 2008

Get on your bike

ENGLAND – The UK’s annual Bike Week event is only a few weeks away and in preparation, the team at Nokia have put together all the activities taking place using Sports Tracker. It works really well with a neat search function to find routes near you and the ability to click on an activity to get all the details. Nokia is an official sponsor of the week and will be showing off the latest in mapping and navigation.

Thousands of events will be happening up and down the country during Bike Week so finding one near you (if you live in the UK) shouldn’t be difficult.

But it’s the use of Sports Tracker that I reckon is pretty cool here. I hadn’t seen it being used like that before and it’s turning out to be an incredibly useful app. Sports Tracker was one of the most popular downloads when it lived in BetaLabs and of course now it’s a full blown app for your device with a website to pull together, store and share your data.

This screengrab shows one of the routes in detail and the user can also show off his workout profile on a graph, highlighting speed and altitude. Jason77, who set up this particular route managed to hit 50kph at one stage. We won’t be doing that!