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June 2, 2008

Switzerland joins the mobile TV brigade

BERNE, Switzerland – Mobile users in Switzerland have just bagged themselves a new treat in the form of Mobile TV. The Bluewin TV mobile service uses DVB-H and spits out 20 channels in a quality users have previously only seen on TV at home. The service costs CHF16 per month or CHF 2 per day and can be used with the rather luscious (even if we say so ourselves) N77, which supports DVB-H as standard.

SF1, TSR1 and Eurosport are the highpoints of the channel package on offer. The service is available to approximately 44 per cent of the population in Switzerland, focussed around key centers including Berne, Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne.

Footy fanatics will be drooling though as one of the big events of the summer, UEFA Euro 2008, will be available to watch through the service, ensuring users will never miss a minute of the action.

Later in the year the N96 will be added, once it becomes available.

We’ve seen a glut of Mobile TV activity recently with Switzerland just pipped by Morocco to roll out the new service.