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June 3, 2008

Breaking out Blinko

MILAN, Italy – Nokia has inked a deal with Italian content firm Buongiorno to add its BlinkGold portal to Nokia handsets. The service will be rolling out in Italy first with other countries to follow over time. 10 handsets will be sporting the service including the N95, N70 and N82. But, you might be asking, what’s BlinkoGold?

It’s okay, we did too. Essentially it’s a mobile entertainment portal where you can gorge yourself on all sorts of sunny delights including ringtones, graphics, videos, games and apps. Oh, and they do a nice turn in alerts as well, enabling you to vote on various things (including TV shows) and find out when you’re team has scored.

If you want to get involved you’ll find the service in Download! on your device (if you’re in Italy or one of the following: Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, India, USA, China and Russia).

This has started to make us think. Getting more and more content over the air onto your phone has to be a good thing. But what kind of content do we really want? There’s no doubt the stuff on Blinko is top notch stuff. And the way Blinko pulls content together to make it easy to access and download is excellent. But where else could we take it? What other kind of content could we roll out there. Expect a follow up post very soon. Meanwhile, let us know what you think.