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June 4, 2008

S60 summit roundup

BARCELONA, Spain – Developers landed in Barcelona last week for the annual S60 Summit. With plenty to share they were out in force showing off the latest innovations, looking into the future and doing a bit of networking (lubricated by some local vino, no doubt).

Consuming everything that happened last week could be a complete nightmare, given how much went on. Thankfully though, we don’t need to. Saara from S60 runs the Voice of S60 podcast and her latest episode stars Rafe and Ewan from AllAboutSymbian.

Between them they’ve done a cracking job of ripping the Summit to bits before reassembling it in a manner that’s digestible to the rest of us. I’ve just spent the last 40 minutes or so consumed by it and can only recommend you head over to S60 and have a listen yourself.

The low point? The S60 pens have been redesigned. Rafe is outraged. Get your headphones on.