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June 5, 2008

Help where it’s needed

GLOBAL – Devastation is about the only word we can think of to describe the recent earthquake in the Sichuan Province. With a death toll now touching 70,000 people words can barely describe it. Nokia has been doing what it can to help. Not just financially, but in offering services and practical support as well.

Nokia China has donated 5,000 phones packed with pre-paid SIMs to aid
the search and rescue mission. Counseling for school kids has also been
made available to help them tackle what has happened. The program is
also extending to education and specifically helping to make kids more
informed about earthquakes.

David Tang, VP Nokia Greater China told Darla Mack at Mobile Messaging 2.0 about what Nokia staff have been doing to help.

“This disaster has changed the lives of many Chinese people and sadly
ended many others. I am proud and humbled by the tremendous and
spontaneous efforts and sacrifices our staff in China have made, as
well as by the financial donations that have been made by our staff,
not only in China, but in several other countries, such as Finland,
USA, Canada and Denmark. We are matching these employee donations.”
Said David Tang, Vice President, Nokia Greater China.

Being distant from disaster makes it easy to forget what’s going on,
specially when the media has packed up and moved on to the next story.
But the devastation caused will be remembered for generations by those
lucky enough to survive. Rebuilding the Province will take years, if
not decades to get it back to some kind of normality.

As a global company Nokia remains committed to doing what it can to
offer useful and practical help in any situation that needs it. From
high-profile disasters such as the Sichuan earthquake through to local
community activities. The thinking being simply it has an obligation to
its staff, its customers and the communities it operates in to use its
size, scale and ability to do what it can to help.

If you want to know more about what Nokia’s doing in this respect,
you’ll find a map here with details of the various activities. If you
find one near you, you might even be able to get involved somehow.

You can read more about the relief efforts here.