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June 12, 2008

Sharing just got better

GLOBAL – The folks over at Share on Ovi have just released a couple of new features for the service which look pretty spiffing. The new features are focussed on how you view your media on Share on Ovi and have been driven by user feedback, which is always nice to see.

First up comes support for PicLens. Described by the Share on Ovi Blog as “an innovative and unique way to immerse yourself in the media viewing experience” it’s essentially a browser plugin that’ll give you a 3D viewing screen to scroll through your media. It works on all major browsers and operating systems though you have to restart your browser for it to work, which is a bit of a pain. We’ll be giving it a test run shortly.

Images can now also be viewed in a range of sizes from thumbnail right through to the original size. Six display options are available so you’ll never be short of an option to view. New pictures are automatically displayed in the Extra Large view.

If you haven’t been to Share on Ovi before, then it’s worth checking out the new introduction video to get an overview of what’s on offer.