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June 12, 2008

WidSets update shouts about being social

INTERNATIONAL – If you’re new to Widsets, the concept is dead simple. Basically WidSets is a smart little mobile app that lives on your phone, and goes about distilling your favourite sites and web content in the form of visual bite-size widgets that are simple to collect and navigate. The idea is that you can collect them, share and even create your own, and there are well around 5,700 out there.

This week a new upgrade, version 3.0, has reared its head, and is geared up to sharing stakes with improved social features.

One of the team members behind the update, Tana, posted a bunch of details on the WidSets forum about what the new version equips you to do socially.

Totally renewed My Profile widget – this is the biggest visible change for you – possibility to share your favorite WidSets content with other WidSeteers and comment them. My Profile widget has the following channels:
My private channel: private messages and bookmarks, news from WidSets, comments and widget recommendations from other members.
My public channel: a public profile page which includes your public bookmarks, other members comments, widgets you’re using and profile info.
Subscribed users: list of other members whose activities you follow.
WidStes users: list of WidSets users sorted by different filters. All latest public bookmarks visible from the community.”

Tana is also calling out for feedback from you if you’re a WidSets user, as they’re super keen to ensure the usability of all the new features they develop actually deliver the sort of thing you enjoy using.

Have you downloaded the new version yet? Are you planning to use the social features?