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June 13, 2008

Shoutout: Hey, head over to fill in a survey at Nokia Beta Labs

ESPOO, Finland – Nokia has many ways in which it works with customers on products (here is a great overview). The folks at Nokia Beta Labs are constantly finding software and services that are being developed and many in internal testing with employees (though our Alpha Labs team, of course). When they find something interesting, they put them in the Beta Labs for the public to use, rate, comment on, and help improve. And, beta products that do well end up graduating and going off into the world.

We gotta say, they’ve been doing very well. Some really exciting bits of software have come through the Labs. And the participation has been great.

In that spirit, Beta Labs is now asking for suggestions in how it can improve. They feel that it’s time for a good facelift and who better to make the suggestions than those who have been so regularly visiting and helping Nokia make better products?

Ilkka has been working on his Master of Science thesis on ‘”co-creation”, where corporations and their customers work together to create products. At Beta Labs, he will be focusing on understanding what makes the Beta Labs tick and to working with Beta Lab users in making it even better.

No he’s set up a survey to address four topics of interest:

User motivation to try and use Nokia Beta Labs products

User attitude towards and the level of involvement in the mobile industry

General demographics, optional (Gender and year of birth)

How user’s fit into Nokia‚Äôs own segmentation model

So, go help him make Nokia Beta Labs even better. Feel free to go read more about the survey, or just head on over and start filling it out.

And then, come back and let us know what you think of how companies can work with you to create better products.