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June 18, 2008

N78 invades India

INDIA – Last week I mused about mobile attraction and what ignites the flame? This lead to a mini epiphany that it could simply be the charming idiosyncracies of a device such as the smart FM Transmitter in the N78 that can trigger the spark. Well, if that is the case India is set to be buzzing like a firecracker, because the N78 has just landed.

The Indian online edition of the International Business Times posted a piece on the launch, with reporter Mohit Burman unabashedly highlighting the excitement surrounding the new device:

“Nokia’s much-awaited N78 mobile phone, positioned as a ‘multimedia computer,’ has finally arrived in India. And Nokia fans can rejoice, for this mobile phone comes loaded with features that will make multimedia phones of rival companies turn green with envy.”

Watch our interview with Joeske Schellen, one of the key industrial designers responsible for the N78.
What do you think of the new N78? Do features such as a built-in FM transmitter for beaming songs wirelessly to your in-car stereo or kitchen radio appeal?