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June 26, 2008

Holy hovering hallucinations, Batman!

ESPOO, Finland – The theme for today is UNBELIEVABLE. There have been some weird things happening all over the place, from weather around here to visions in the UK. I want to point out a link or three for you.

Read on!


For those of you who are following the UEFA Euro 2008 Cup, you know it’s been hand-wringing with all the last minute goals and upsets. Little did I know that I could have been following all this from the official cup mobile site. Well, there are two games to go, so you can still read up on what’s going on. If you need a little guide on how to use the UEFA site, Dr Sharma has the scoop. [Sharma answered my call to action and sent me a link toot sweet, albeit from his own site. But he’s such a passionate guy, that I’ll give him a little link love.]

Wow that’s beautiful!

Yesterday I was browsing the winners of the Flickr Nokia N95 User Group Awards. There are some really cool shots. Alas, most of them are copyrighted, so I haven’t found one to display here, so go and see them for yourself.


Gosh. I never thought I would write about UFOs. Ever. But this seems awfully unbelievable. A bloke in the UK whipped out his N95 (well, more like, pulled it out, fumbled with it for a while, and then pointed it to the heavens) and captured some lights over Merseyside, Liverpool UK. Looks like a bunch of planes on flight approach to me. What do you think they are?

Go see it on the BBC pages.

Image from nasrulekram