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GLOBAL – New device launches always get us wobbly round the knees here and after recently wooing the business classes with the fantastic E66 and E71 devices, Nokia has now ventured over to the other side of the handset scale, hoping to attract the fashion set with its new Supernova quartet.

The range is made up of the 7210, 7310, 7510 and 7610 (we’re not sure what happened to the 7410 but perhaps it will reveal itself at a later date) and from the vibrant colour combinations going on, they certainly won’t fail to catch the eye. Apparently it’s all about personalisation, with three out of the four handsets designed to handle different coloured clip on covers while the high end model packs some new innovative theme restyling tech.

Starting at the bottom, as it were, the 7210 is a svelte 10.6mm thin body and a tasty set of features. Two megapixel camera, Micro SD card and FM radio are all on board. Step up to the 7310 though and you enter a world of personalisation. Whilst there’s nothing new about Xpress-on covers, the selection of colours and styles on offer make a difference. We’ve seen them, and can confirm it. Some of the covers have intricate patterns embossed into the material, making for a rather hi-end feel. It’s certainly a nice touch.

Next in the pecking order is the 7510 clamshell with a gimmicky push-to-open automatic flip action that was last seen gracing the 6600 Fold and the 6131. But we have to admit the support for A-GPS and Nokia Maps 1.2 is a bit of a boon for this kind of device, though is a hint at where Nokia is taking satnav, while the folder phone is also hooked up to a plethora of Nokia services including Nokia Music Store and Nokia Widsets.

Lastly, the 7610 slider is the more feature rich of the Supernova range, showing off a 3.2-megapixel snapper with autofocus and a surprising VGA-quality video capture. What separates this from the rest though is the theme colouriser. The camera comes with a colour sensor, which is hooked up to the software inside. Point the camera at a colour you like and the device will in a flash of chamaelon-like brilliance change its wallpaper and theme to match. It is rather clever and quite a nice touch, we reckon.

So there you have it: Nokia’s new Supernova fashion phone range. After the outrageous flashy designs of the previous L’Amour and Art Deco ranges, this series seems a little more sedate, although no less colourful. What do you think? Will you be waiting to get your hands on one of these Supernovas?