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June 30, 2008

Shooting from the Festival Frontline

GLASTONBURY, England – The festival might be over, and the fields clear of tents but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about it. As previously reported here, to support the Love of the Farm – Leave no trace project, a moblog has been set up to document the happenings of the UK bestest summer music festival.

Having armed members off Greenpeace, WaterAid and Oxfam with Nokia N78 and N82 handsets and dispatched them to the festival front line, the crew have done a sterling job of posting photos and video clips onto the blog. With Glastonbury well and truly underway, we’ve chosen some of the funniest, weirdest and damn right stupidest cuts from the first few days.

Preparing for Glastonbury
This vid was posted by Alfie, the man who helped set up the Leave no trace blog. He’s a self confessed moblogger and this clip sees him getting ready for the harsh vagaries of Glasto life and going through his essential festival tool kit. For a man who has never been to Glastonbury before he seems ultra prepared. He did forget the bog roll though. School boy error.

Potato tent pegs
This snap perfectly illustrates what the Leave no trace project is all about. After last year’s festival a large amount of cows ended up eating discarded tent pegs, causing untold comfort and often death. So along with the moblog raising awareness, these potato tent pegs will be issued. If a moo cow happens to munch one of these easily digestible pegs, it won’t harm them.

Dinosaur car
That better not be a 1956 Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle being bastardised to look like a ruddy Dinosaur. No? That’s a relief. I’ll refrain from crying then. Those Stegosaurus fins look pretty rad though.

Meet the poo
I think ‘Meet the poo’ sums it up perfectly. But at least Mr. Poo is gallantly collecting for WaterAid and not just sitting there smelling and stinking the place out. Hats off for the cool costume as well. Can we borrow it for a fancy dress party?

The lovely picture of Glastonbury at dusk was taken on Wednesday night. A day before the musical celebrations starts and the fields are already filling up with festival revellers. Good luck finding* your tent after a skinful of cider!
*You might want to borrow Alfie’s genius locator gizmo

This is just a tiny tiny selection of photos and videos from the blog, so remember to show your support and keep visiting the Leave no trace website.