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New York, USA – It was surely only a matter of time but music label giant Warner Music has finally followed the lead of Universal and Sony BMG by signing up to Nokia’s Comes With Music and Music Store services.

Launched in December last year, Nokia’s trailblazing Come With Music changed the rules of digital music consumption by offering selected handsets with an one year all-you-can-eat download subscription. After the year is up, you get to keep all the music for life. Nice.

With Warner Music now throwing its considerable weight behind the venture and seeing CWM as a “significant step forward in the evolution of digital music,” this model is, right now, clearly seen as seen as the way for the casual music fan to get their digital music fix. Of course there are downsides to the service – no sharing thanks to DRM and you must listen to your CWM collection on a registered handset.

Nokia’s music content coffers were already burgeoning under the tonnage of millions of tracks, courtesy of Universal and Sony BMG, but now with yet another of the world’s biggest music labels on board its just got even bigger. When the Comes With Music service is launched later this year, consumers will have a mighty catalogue to plunder.

The world’s press have already lauded CWM but what do you think? With Warner Music now a full paid up member, will you be getting your tunes through CWM?

Photo from themediaguru