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July 8, 2008

Video: Recycling Nokia phones in action

INTERNATIONAL – Today’s release of Nokia’s global recycling survey is sure to raise some eco eyebrows, with only 3% of us recycling our old phones and almost half of us just leaving our phones of yesteryear to rot a drawer at home.

Granted the situation isn’t going to change overnight, but even if the process of recycling phones lodges in our collective consciousnesses, and if it’s convenient (Nokia’s We Recycle scheme is growing with over 5,000 global drop-off points) the eco effects would be immensely positive.

Nokia has posted a pair of short videos to help push the concept, the cooler of the two being the first mini movie showing the actual process that old phones go through at one of the 80 recycling plants Nokia works with.

What do you think about mobile phone recycling and the processes involved. Is it practical and easy enough for you to consider recycling your old phone?