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July 9, 2008

Nokia recycling survey – the big round-up

INTERNATIONAL – The past 24 hours have been awash with online news, chatter and general global reaction to Nokia’s new recycling survey. The shock figures have certainly begun to raise awareness, but now its time to turn up the heat and for us to collectively attempt to influence the way we behave with our redundant technology, regardless of if you’re using Nokia’s We Recycle service or any other local phone recycling program.

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Old Nokias ripe for eco harvesting
Nokia has today published a global consumer survey on recycling, having interviewed 6,500 people in 13 countries, and the results are pretty eye-opening with only 3% of us recycling our redundant mobiles. Continue reading >>

Video: Recycling Nokia phones in action
Granted the situation isn’t going to change overnight, but even if the process of recycling phones lodges in our collective consciousnesses, and if it’s convenient (Nokia’s We Recycle scheme is growing with over 5,000 global drop-off points) the eco effects would be immensely positive. Continue reading >>

Practicing what you preach
Kicked off on World Environmental Day, the internal recycling drive was designed to help raise awareness of the we:recycle campaign which is going on externally. An internal program dubbed we:champions was launched along with the rather conspicuous recycling bin pictured above. We:champions are internal volunteers who stepped up to help raise awareness of the campaign amongst their peers and colleagues. Continue reading >>

Mobile recycling awareness begins to grow
It’s been encouraging to see so many influential sites out there taking the results seriously, and beginning to raise awareness for the huge eco benefits of recycling your old phone. Green kudos points all round, but this is just the beginning. Continue reading >>

What are your thoughts on recycling mobile phones? Could the process be made any easier, does there need to be an incentive for the less eco conscious? Let us know in the comments section below.