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July 11, 2008

Vacation time! What are you doing and how?

ESPOO, Finland – In a few moments I will have started my official vacation. While I am not a gadget freak, there are some things I know I will be doing that are enhanced by tech (see more below).

But, I am not the only one, I have found a few references to what other (geekier) folks are up to. Read on.

Sun and surf

Taking photos and videos of gorgeous places is no longer enough. Not to be out done by Ewan from SMS Text News who was in the Maldive last month, James Burland went the extra step and took his N95 snorkeling [link via Symbian Guru]. Check out the video below. And p@esco is also getting in on this [translated from Italian]. Is this a trend?

Find your way

Matthew, who writes for Darla Mack, armed himself with multiple gadgets to ensure he has navigation coverage during his trip to his home state of Washington. He’s also using the kit to report back from his trip, in text and in photos.

I use my mobile a lot when traveling, too: for info, maps, communication, and photography. But, this summer I will do something a bit different. I just moved into a new area and the dog and I will be using Sports Tracker to map the trails in the nearby woods.

What about you?

Will you have a photostream of your vacation? Will you be using your mobile gadgets in interesting ways? Or will you be leaving it all behind for breather and use whatever non-digital tools you feel like using?

Leave a comment below? Or, never mind, and go enjoy the summer.

Image from markhillary