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July 14, 2008

Nokia batteries – simple security shake-up

INTERNATIONAL – Whether consciously or unconsciously most of us place blind confidence in the hardware and services we choose, and security is one of those unconscious lynchpins in the equation of trust. Nokia takes this responsibility of delivering secure products seriously, and recently revamped and improved the security of its batteries to help ensure behind the scenes that all confidence is warranted.

Find out what’s changing…

Of course owning an authentic battery is important from both performance and safety perspectives. So Nokia has simplified the authentication process, meaning that all you need to do now is visually verify the new hologram stuck on the front of the battery by visiting, where you can check an interactive hologram on the site. This newly simplified security check replaces the old SMS authentication process, and these new holograms are being rolled out in all new devices.

What are your thoughts on security and authenticating the products you own? Is this something you’re conscious of or do you always assume your products are authentic and never check? Let us know in the comments section below.

Photo from CarbonNYC