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July 18, 2008

Nokia Pilots prepare for lift-off

At the tail end of last week Charlie wrote a piece on co-creation and Conversations. Basically a piece on how sites like ours and ongoing projects such as Nokia Beta Labs are hoping to bridge a gap between big old Nokia and anyone out there interested in having an influence and being heard. Sure, it’s small acorns at the moment, but momentum is beginning to grow on this front which is hugely exciting for all involved.

Now, Nokia has slipped word that it’ll be launching what it calls Nokia Pilots – a global project that’s opening up the floor to even greater collaboration and co-creation opportunities.

The idea is that anyone interested in helping test devices and services in the pipeline, will be free to get involved in the development process by offering suggestions and feedback to help create the best stuff possible. That fine-tuning process has worked so well in the case of Nokia Beta Labs, and replicating and increasing that breed of uncapped enthusiasm for co-creating future handsets and software has to be the ambition.

Nokia will begin the recruitment process in September of this year, which you’ll be able to get details about via the Nokia Pilots site. Currently there’s just snippets of info echoing what we’ve touched on here, so stick it in your diary if you’re interested. Don’t worry, we’ll be following the progress of this project and keeping you in tune with what’s going on too.

What do you think about getting so deeply involved in the creation process of upcoming products and services? Is this the sort of thing you’d jump at the chance of doing, or would you rather leave it up to the ‘experts’? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Photo from Del Far