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July 22, 2008

Consolidating the Ovi experience

INTERNATIONAL – Mobile life, whether collaborating, sharing or social networking can’t help but feel fragmented. We’re constantly compartmentalizing our mobile media existences and aren’t used to the concept of throwing our virtual eggs all into one basket. Well at least that’s how I find myself behaving, collecting bite-size services, be it Flickr, YouTube, FaceBook, and then let them all loosely live side-by-side in happy disharmony. So where does Ovi fit into things, with it’s one big basket approach?

It’s something I’d been struggling with for a while, having been using most of the Ovi services for a few months now. Then, last week I began using the PC app Ovi Suite 1.0 for Windows, and it all started to feel a lot more cohesive and natural to have control of all my content under one virtual roof. Before the Ovi Suite arrived you could quite easily browse and upload files from the PC on your Ovi account online or similarly send in your camera phone photos via your handset (great for on-the-spot sharing), but the desktop app brings together all these disparate methods in a smarter and easier to manage interface.

Does this mean we’re not going to stop using other services? Of course not. But I think we could end up using them less, and for more specific purposes, while services such as Ovi help orchestrate the bulk of our mobile-related content. What do you think? And what do you think about the new Ovi Suite 1.0 for Windows app? Have you used it? Does help to make the Ovi uploading and sharing experience smoother, or does it still need improving? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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