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July 23, 2008

Internet of Things research center opens doors to new thinking

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Nokia’s hunger for collaboration and gleaning ideas from the world’s brilliant minds is one of the pillars of its innovation strategy, and crucial in shaping the mobile future. The recently opened Nokia Research Centre in Lausanne, dedicated to studying the Internet of Things, continues Nokia’s ‘sharing ethos’ and is looking to recruit anyone with ideas to drive forward this major research project.

Melding the physical and digital world may sound like something from the realms of a William Gibson novel but this concept is fast becoming reality and interested parties will have to be tuned in to Nokia’s Internet of Things key objectives – context aware services and apps, social networking linked to location and context, the critical role of user interface design and context enabled sensors. So, the Swiss based centre is now ready to embrace your ideas and concepts and is excepting proposals in four these key areas. Plus, it’s posted details in presentation form of what you need to do.

Following the announcement of the open source, open house Symbian OS and Nokia’s ongoing research partnerships with universities and technology institutes, this announcement from the NRC to welcome the sharpest minds into its fold feels like its vast ecosystem of collaboration is growing faster and stronger than ever before.

Is collaboration and welcoming outside ideas the key to seamless and successful mobile future? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Photo from Gaetan Lee