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July 23, 2008

Live mobile video revolution begins

INTERNATIONAL – Over the past couple of years as users we’ve been equipped with a truckload of first and third-party tools for digitally sharing media via our phones. Now we demand to share even faster, more effortlessly and definitely without having to spend any cash. When it comes to photos these boxes have been pretty much ticked, with countless mobile apps facilitating those needs, but doing the same with live video has been off the mainstream menu until very recently.

You might’ve heard of, QIK, which has just gone live on public beta. It’s a smart solution that really does promise to change the video sharing landscape, equipping you with the tools to stream and record live footage from your phone to your personal dedicated public (or private) online space – Charlie was interviewed via QIK using an earlier version, back in February (watch the interview).

It’s definitely an interesting area of mobile sharing, and it’s great to see tools such as QIK being adopted as a new sub-breed of mobile communicative behaviour.

Do you think live mobile video sharing is an important development? Have you tried using QIK or any similar services out there? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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