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July 24, 2008

Untangling the world of Widgets and WidSets

INTERNATIONAL – I must admit, the difference between Widgets and WidSets had been baffling me for a while. This was compounded when I recently visited the new site, clicked on the ‘download widgets’ icon and spotted that the URL had changed to a Widsets address. Point is, I totally appreciate why there has been some confusion over this, fairly voiced by a bunch of people including Symbian Guru.

Having talked to few people and had a hunt around, I think Oren’s description over at SeeIntoS60 presents one of the simplest ways to understand the difference between Widgets and WidSets…

• Widgets are little Web applications, and come in many shapes and sizes
• WidSets is a service that distributes widgets.
• With some widgets, you need some sort of widget program (like the WidSets client) to see them.
• If you have an S60 phone, you can use fancier widgets that can do more stuff and can be launched directly from the application menu.” SeeIntoS60

I was keen to cover off the confusion around Widgets and WidSets, because we’re keen to start talking about the mountain of bite-size Widget apps out there – in particular highlighting ones that we feel are doing something different, significant and ones that genuinely change or could change our mobile behaviour.

We’re obviously just starting on this topic, so it’d be great to get your input – if you use any particular Widgets that you think are worth talking about, have suggestions for Widgets, or still have any questions about the difference between Widgets and WidSets, let us know in the comments section below.

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