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July 28, 2008

N-Gage evolves with innovative feedback

INTERNATIONAL – Here on Conversations we’re always on the hunt for examples of new ways that help enable co-creation and more open communication between those making Nokia products and those of us using them day-to-day. So it was cool to see a brand new approach called the N-Gage Feedback Forum pop up on the scene. Spotted by the eagle-eyed team over at, this smart interactive feedback tool is a little hidden on the N-Gage site, so here’s the direct link. Read on…

What’s most interesting is the structure and interface of the site. Anyone can post a suggestion, bug fix or concept (something the site has been designed to hugely encourage via the prominent ‘I suggest you…’ box), but also every idea is open to comments. However, the most significant ingredient is the inclusion of a voting system – you get 10 votes when you visit the site, meaning each vote is extremely valuable if you want to determine the outcome of how popular an idea becomes. Also, you can even attribute up to three votes to one idea, adding an interesting dynamic to the voting structure.

There are tabs to filter through the ‘top ideas’, ‘new ideas’ and even ‘accepted’ and ‘completed’, the latter pair being empty at the moment as the site is so new. However, this is a hugely open approach to co-creation that we’re excited to see being seriously embraced by the N-Gage community.

I’ll be getting in touch with the N-Gage team to follow-up on this story, and find out more about how they’re using the info, what inspired the concept and what’s next.

Here’s the top five ideas with the most votes at the moment:

1. To use 3D accelerator chip for N-gage Games (831 votes)
2. Include Russian language in new N-Gage games.(804 votes)
3. Make games with real time multiplayer via Arena or BT (704 votes)
4. Make a statement about when the app will be out for N73 & 93 (256 votes)
5. Don’t lock N-Gage games to IMEI, so users can buy new phones (211 votes)

Visit the N-Gage Feedback Forum site >>

What do you think to this new feedback approach? Have you used it, or would you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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