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July 30, 2008

Nokia Chat – the big round up

INTERNATIONAL – Over the past couple of weeks we’ve gone to town on Nokia Chat, bringing you stacks of inside info and opinions on this smart location-based instant messaging app. See, it’s one of those pieces of software that sparks a bunch of questions on the wider picture of context aware services and the direction of mobile apps as a whole, as well as engage us with a cutting-edge communication experience.

Get the full lowdown on all you need to know about Nokia Chat right here…

Nokia Chat: part three – location and beyond
Having chatted to Kristian Luoma, the guy heading up Nokia Chat, about the vision and ambitions for this new GPS instant messaging app, I decided to ask him about location-based services (LBS) and the wider picture.
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Nokia Chat: part two – behind the scenes
Last week I got talking to Nokia Chat product manager, Kristian Luoma, to get a deeper understanding of what led to the creation of this new breed of bite-size app. Having ticked off where the inspiration and vision for the software emerged from, I asked Luoma about the app in its current beta guise, the challenges and where it’s headed.
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Nokia Chat: part one – inspiration and vision
I’ve been using Nokia Chat for almost a couple of weeks, since the day it popped up on Beta Labs, and ever since I’ve been intrigued. Not only by the service itself, which offers instant messaging mixed with a large portion of GPS pinpointing. I’ve also been curious as to where the idea emerged from and how comfortable we feel as users with services such as this, which at a glance could be perceived to have a ‘big brother’ element to them. So this afternoon I got on the phone to Kristian Luoma, project manager on Nokia Chat, to talk to him in more depth about this new product.
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Nokia Chat: how open do you want to be?
Last Friday we posted a story on the release of a beta version of Nokia Chat, an instant messaging micro app with GPS location-based features. Since then, I’ve been playing around with it with the team, setting it up, but have barely scratched the surface. In that first piece I simply asked “What do you think to GPS-enabled instant messaging. Good or bad?”, and one response from a reader, Sven Koerber, raised the interesting point of ‘trust’ and when you’re using a service like this – a little mentioned, yet extremely important word, that is definitely worth us all considering with regards to a location-based communication apps.
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Nokia Chat – Instant messaging with place recognition
Instant messaging has reared its head in many guises on mobile, from standard IM, to text message versions (SMS Chat for S60 3rd edition and Conversation), and multi-service solutions such as IM+. But today Nokia Beta Labs, released the first beta version Nokia Chat, the first IM app to use GPS to pinpoint the location of you and your friends.
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