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Recently I’ve been on a bit of a mobile behavior binge, writing at any opportunity about context aware services and how their rapid evolution could unwittingly yet positively affect the way we use our handsets. The reason? Simply that I believe that we’re in one of the most fascinating periods of transition when it comes to our mobile lifestyles, as location-based services are now a reality with the growth of GPS and faster connections, making it tremendously exciting as a phone user looking at the horizon.

It’s been encouraging to have so many of you commenting on these recent stories, ranging from the new Navigator phone in India, and the impact of apps such as Nokia Chat, to the work the Nokia Research Center is doing on the Internet of Things. And undoubtedly you have more questions on location-based services and related areas of interest you’d like us to explore. Let us know what they are and we’ll do our best to bring you the answers, or at least open the discussions and put some flesh on the bones of the lesser discussed subjects out there.

So what are we looking for? Frankly, the door is wide open, and we’re keen to get all your thoughts, ideas and questions out here. Think of the comments section below as a dumping ground to kick start discussions and new stories on this hot topic. What about location-based context aware services interests you most? Which services or applications in particular are sparking your interest? Tell us about your experiences? Basically, just let it flow.

We’ll be doing the same regular call-out for questions and discussion points with other interesting subject areas related to Nokia. In fact if you have any suggestions that just can’t wait, please point them here – we’re constantly looking though all of these and pursuing the most interesting threads.

In the meantime scribble down your thoughts in the comments section below…

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