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August 7, 2008

Reaction to we:offset – Nokia’s CO2 offsetting app

INTERNATIONAL – Earlier I waxed lyrical about the new we:offset application from Nokia. So I thought I’d follow up with a post on the reaction, purely because It’s hugely encouraging to see such an environmentally ethical backbone propping up the online technology space, with many sites passionately opening the conversation about Nokia’s newly launched CO2 offsetting software.

What’s evident in so many comments I’ve read is that software such as we:offset is just a tiny contributer to the bigger eco picture, but it’s still considered an important contribution, with the culmination of awareness and actions triggered through bite-size services such as we:offset seen as necessary, and just as significant, welcomed.

Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian was inspired to write a piece on his site Steve’s Rants ‘n’ Raves, highlighting the strength of conviction behind this subject and the role mobile technology can play:

“It’s a worthy release, don’t get me wrong, every little helps, and full credit to Nokia for good intentions… I’m all for the global village – but we can make it happen using modern communications. Let’s cut down on use of planes and cars and feel good about ourselves and the planet at the same time.” Steve Litchfield

On they touched on the hurdle of people actually acting on their eco responsibility.

“It’s not enough to have Nokia or any other company work out any eco-friendly plans without the rest of us acting responsibly when it comes to Earth and Mother Nature.”

And elsewhere…

“Assuage your environmental guilt, directly from your Nok… If you need to take a flight, this handy app will calculate how much you need to stump up to offset it.”

“This application helps you off set the CO2 emissions of essential journeys. Basically helping you use mobile technology to do your bit for the environment.” SMS text news

Also, one point I forgot to mention in my previous story on we:offset was the simple yet significant placement of the share function in the we:offset app – visit the menu screen, and the option to send the app and ‘share with friends’ sits pride of place, even above the automatic Trip Detection feature. Having the share option so front-and-centre makes it far more likely to spread – I’ve already sent it to a bunch of people. Hopefully, this is something that’ll get used more often than is typical with a mobile app.

Have you had a chance to download it and play around with it? Let us know you’re thoughts in the comments section below.

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