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August 8, 2008

More video. More power. More cowbell?

ESPOO, Finland – Power and pictures dominate today’s post. I’ll tell you about some cool videos you can watch and some that you can’t (cause they aren’t made yet). I’ll also point you to a good primer on on-the-go power. I tail off this post with some oddities.

Read on!

Moving pictures

I’m getting a kick making videos and my main goal over the next months is to get more videos to you guys and to improve the quality (long story there, for another day).

Through the weird bouncing routes one takes through the web, I found out about some great Maps videos (for some reason on symbianfreak’s YouTube channel – why not a Nokia channel?). Techcraver provides a post about these videos.

I found them fun, kinda artsy, and to the point. Go view them all on one page at Techcraver’s site.

Now, I’m not a super video producer (and it shows), so our videos are done on low (no) budget, in a very relaxed way, and nothing special (though we are working on adding at least a bit of special). But, some tech marketing folks at Nokia have come up with an interesting way to talk about tech: through urban legends.

These guys have not only hooked up with real video producers, but with celebrity narrators, too. Wow. And with that co-creation twist everyone’s been talking about, they included some indie-journalists to come watch the production of the videos.

Techcraver was there and did a write up and took some photos (a ‘behind the scenes’!). Go read about it.

Do you think one can talk about tech in an understandable way like this? I don’t know, and I think we’ll need to wait for the videos to be made to ever know.

Power Diva talks about the ultimate power

Sort of.

Darla Mack has an interesting round-up of portable power solutions. Knowing her, her batteries go dry before she even send the kids off to school. Here she talks about some ways you can keep going, and going, and going.

I’m a power junkie, myself. I usually have a second battery for every device I carry. Also, I have a USB charger packed with my laptop. It must be a bummer to be mobile and have a super device that can’t change its battery (nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

Also, folks feel that phones don’t last as long as they used to. Really, I see at least two reasons why:

1) The phones are so much more powerful, with faster chips, more radios, bigger screens – that’s sure to drain any battery. And there is only so much energy you can physically put into a small space without it blowing up.

2) The phones are so much more powerful, and we end up fidgeting with them, interacting with them a lot more, making them do things that the product tester never thought of. Admit it.

Knock on wood?

Gotta say this is the weirdest I’ve seen. A phone made of wood. I’m surprised the Finns didn’t try it first.

File this under: too clever for their own britches.

Sorry, but after baffling us and tormenting us for so long, I don’t have the energy to be as excited as Scott, here, who was able to break the code on the Open at Your Own Risk site.

In the end, it was to raise awareness to the Download! app on S60 devices. But, did it work? Did it make sense? You tell me.

Image from our boss Mark Squires, from his trip this summer to Cephalonia, Greece. He challenges that this photo trumps my goat photo. What do you think?