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August 11, 2008

Nokia Email enters the spotlight on Beta Labs

INTERNATIONAL – Totally revamping the way Nokia does email on the move is by no means an overnight change. It’s one of those exciting and delicate developments that obviously requires smart thinking, and a seriously committed team to create what we, as users, want. A couple of weeks back I chatted in depth to the man heading up the new Nokia Email service, Andrew Mahon, to get a better idea of the vision behind the fresh-faced emailing app – it was clear that the nuts and bolts are done, but the refinement process is key and just about to hit a higher gear.

See, today’s beta release of Nokia Email on Beta Labs marks a significant new chapter on it’s road to release, as this is where the real co-creation juices begin to flow.

Over the past year Beta Labs has proved to be an invaluable resource for the teams working on new applications, with untapped user feedback and suggestions fueling the process. As co-creation success stories go, it’s a major one, so it’s seriously encouraging to see the Nokia Email beta now available on there for all of us to download, play around with and feedback on.

Click here to visit Beta Labs and try out the latest beta version of Nokia Email. If you’ve been using it let us know what you think, but more importantly if you’re passionate about helping the process its definitely worth getting stuck in on the Beta Labs site – I know the people behind the scenes really do take all the comments onboard and discuss your suggestions.

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