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August 11, 2008

Who are these Nokia people? BONUS: Flying aircraft via SMS.

ESPOO, Finland – In a vile twist of fate, as the bulk of Finland now returns to work, the sun starts shining again. To keep my spirits up, I’ve been looking for anything to lighten the mood here, so, forgive me for tooting our horn a bit more loudly in this post than I usually do. For what it’s worth, I’ll add a video for you as a token of appreciation.

Also, there’s a funny ditty at the end, so read on!

Keeping the flame moving

You knew that I could not go one day this week without mentioning the Olympics. So let me get it out of the way.

I found out today that Colin Giles, President of Nokia China (that’s him in the picture), ran as the 17th torchbearer of the Ba Daling Great Wall leg of the Olympic torch relay. This was in the final Beijing leg of the whole relay, the day before the Olympics started. Lucky guy.

Do you know anyone who carried the torch or is participating in some way at the Olympics?

Travels and travails of the modern business executive

Times Online did a nice profile of Simon Ainslie, managing director of Nokia UK. There are some pretty funny things mentioned in the article, but it gives some good insight into the kind of traveling and schmoozing required these days in a global company. (but, doesn’t the article just seem a bit Wallpaper-ish?)

Simon also points out some of the things we are doing to cut back on travel and such, some of which I discussed in a previous article.

Zipping to work – PROOF!

John Markow, a teammate here in the Social Media Comms, bikes to work when he can. On one bright sunny morning he hooked up his N95 to his handle bars (pics), raced to work, and then sped up the video 8-fold. I twisted his arm and he’s let me show you the whole thing here.

I just think it’s fun and it’s great when he passes other folks.

C’mon, folks. You must have some wacky videos like this, too. Feel free to post them and send us the link. I’m a sucker for these clever videos (time-lapse, speeding up, animation). Thrill us.

BONUS: All hail the humble SMS (once more!)

OK. This one is wacky: Small plane’s electronics get blown out; voice on mobile phone fails; SMSes from plane to tower save the day.


Read it in all it’s glory here at Unwired View.

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