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August 14, 2008

Nokia champions innovative app developers

ESPOO, Finland – It’s no secret that Nokia is laser-focussed on evolving cutting-edge software and services with juggernaut-like impetus. Whether it’s location-based, mobile TV driven, media streaming or otherwise, the commitment is simple – if an application is innovative and promises to improve the mobile space, Nokia wants to help it and the folks making the software succeed.

Today this ethos has been neatly punctuated with news that as part of the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series program, eight modest-sized developers have been carefully picked to receive support from Nokia to help realise the ultimate potential of the products they’ve created.

The idea is that Nokia will give each of the companies business support and assistance within the market, as well as act as a conduit for enabling anyone to be able to easily access their pioneering pieces of pocket software.

Each of the developers selected for the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series program had to work hard to earn their spot, having successfully completed a number of screening tasks over the past year. Here’s a list of the chosen eight developers and their respective apps.

Developer: Plusmo, Inc.
Application: Plusmo – Smart new approach to social widgets and user-created widgets.

Developer: Pelago, Inc.
Application: Whrrl – Location-based info fuelled by clever social networking.

Developer: Qik, Inc.
Application: Qik – Live video streaming from your mobile to your dedicated website.

Developer: WebMessenger, Inc.
Application: WebMessenger Mobile – Cutting-edge collaboration and productivity app for Microsoft OCS that’s native to S60.

Developer: Advanced Wireless Solutions
Application: Backup-Pal – Offers a solution to the pain losing your data, getting your phone stolen or damaged.

Developer: Monsoon Multimedia
Application: Hava Mobile Player – Lets you watch live TV from your home on your mobile.

Developer: Joikusoft Oy Ltd.
Application: JoikuSpot – Turns your phone’s 3G connection into a secure wireless hotspot

Developer: UbiEst.
Application: UbiSafe – Location-based service aimed at ensuring people with special needs, children, or elderly remain safe within a designated area.

I think this is one of the most exciting collection of apps out there, and enforces my personal belief that we’re entering the most revolutionary phase of mobile development, with tangible experiences of cutting-edge apps readily available and evolving rapidly. We’ll be running a series of short pieces spotlighting each of these bite-size mobile apps over the coming week, with videos too.

Have you tried any of these apps? What are your thoughts on these or any other cutting-edge slivers of software? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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