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August 14, 2008

Video: Whrrl blends location services with people power

SEATTLE, USA – In the first of our showcase pieces on the apps chosen as part of the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation series program, I thought I’d highlight Whrrl a new app that personally resonates with my fascination with the evolution and expanding diversity of context aware mobile services.

Recently we’ve witnessed some intriguing twists on the location-based theme, with apps such as Nokia Chat (instant messaging with GPS pinpointing) and we:offset (location-based travel tool that automatically tracks your CO2 emissions so you can offset on the move), and Whrrl continues this trend of innovation with a location-based social service using Assisted-GPS that fuses detailed location info with social networking. The idea being that you can mash-up everything you and your friends know about a place into a single dip-in-dip-out mobile reservoir of knowledge.

Darren Vengroff, the CTO and Co-Founder of Pelago, the company responsible for Whrrl explains what it’s all about in more detail and gives us a walkthrough of the app in action. Watch it here…

Pretty smart. What do you reckon? Post your thoughts below.

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