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August 18, 2008

Video: Nokia helps Qik turn live mobile video streams into oceans

INTERNATIONAL – Continuing our spate of showcases on the developers and apps being championed by the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series program, Qik is the latest to step into the frame. We’ve talked about this smart live video streaming app Qikpreviously on Conversations, so it’s great to see Nokia support the service with a view to making it a seriously significant and globally recognized piece of mobile software. Read on for more details, and to see it in action…

In case you’re not familiar with Qik, it’s popularity has been rocketing recently because it enables you to broadcast live footage freely from anywhere using a phone with high speed data connection to a website, where anyone can soak up your remote video as it happens.

Qik’s CEO, Ramu Sunkara, recently sat down in front of the camera to explain in more detail what Qik is capable of, plus he gives a demo of it and highlights a couple of its coolest features including its ability to host live text question and answer sessions from viewers while you’re filming. Watch it here…

Have you used Qik, either to record live video remotely or simply watched a live mobile broadcast? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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