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CALIFORNIA, USA – The brainchild of Advanced Wireless Solutions, Backup-Pal is one of the apps (well, it’s more of a gizmo really) to receive support from Nokia as a result of the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series program. A palm-sized peripheral, it plugs straight into your handset, sucking up and securely storing all your contact details with a single push of a button.

As someone who obsessively backs-up, syncs, re-syncs and squirrels away multiple copies of all my phone and computer data both off and online, this device clearly isn’t aimed at my compulsive sort (tell me I’m not alone!). But it turns out the vast majority of people don’t back up their phone contacts, and I can appreciate that the process can be tiresome and fussy. So a one-button back-up solution seems to make a lot of sense, as you need absolutely zero technical smarts to ensure all your contacts are safe should you lose your handset.

The guys from Advanced Wireless Solutions have shot a short video about Backup-Pal. Watch it in full here…

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