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August 26, 2008

Getting behind Nseries

GLOBAL – Getting behind the launch of the the new N85 and N79 are members of the team who put the new devices together. Not just one or two, but a broad snapshot of the teams involved have come out to talk about the new products, highlighting the key features of the devices for a new launch website –

One of the videos brings together a group to talk about not just about the devices, but about where they’ve come from and what they mean. Alex Meyer, head of design for Nseries talks about the process of design,
highlighting how every product starts with the users needs and is built around that. Geraldine Wishart, senior product manager raises an interesting point on how these new devices enable us to be more spontaneous, by offering all the functionality we’ll need, meaning we don’t need to plan every detail of our day, we’ll be able to deal with whatever comes up, regardless. Aapo Bovellan, Director, Product Management on Ovi believes Nokia’s job is about giving people the potential to do what they want.

All the opinions are different, but combined they make a lot of sense. And that’s kind of the beauty of the discussion – it mirrors the different disciplines involved in creating new products and how those integrate to produce the final product. I don’t think we’ve seen this level of access to the people behind the products before. Check it out here.