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August 26, 2008

Keeping track of life

GLOBAL – New products don’t always mean new hardware and this morning a whole new app was announced alongside the N79 and N85. LifeviNe is a bit like the infamous SportsTracker, but for your life. Everything you do can be logged and tracked using lifeviNe so you can easily access the pictures, music and video of wherever you’ve been, either on a map or a timeline. It looks very cool.

With a whole range of devices now sporting geotagging, lifeviNe takes the concept to a new level. Run the lifeviNe widget on your device and it’ll pinpoint every image, video and music to a location (though we’re
not sure yet where the music comes in). It’ll also push the media onto the web where you can tag it, track it and share it with others.

The new app is based on Sports Tracker, which has been a huge hit since it launched out of Beta Labs last year. Although they share the same base architecture, the two apps look and feel completely different.
Once running, you can use your device as you normally would, or keep an eye on your activity using the lifeviNe app.

As well as tagging all your media’s locations the app will also track where you’ve been (so you need to be careful when you have it switched on!), and plot your journey on the web based map when you sync it at
the end of the day. Uploading is a cinch too, as lifeviNe can be set to automatically upload whenever you’re in a trusted wireless zone.

Online you can look at and share your journeys, filtering by user, place or time. There’s also an online widget which you can place on your blog or Facebook page, allowing others to see what you’ve been up to.

We’re told we should see lifeviNe in Beta form within a few weeks, and I personally can’t wait to try it out. Fusing the web and your device like this is a pretty cool concept and from what we’ve seen this app looks stunning, and pretty easy to use.

Sure, we’re not going to be running this every single day (too much information for the other half) but this is absolutely perfect for holidays or visiting somewhere new. Geotagging itself isn’t really a new concept and it’s been available on the likes of Flickr for a while now. What makes lifeviNe different, and I reckon much more interesting, is that it plots your route alongside your media. Now that is a new way to share a journey.