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August 26, 2008

N85 & N79: The big round-up

GLOBAL – The emergence of this intriguing pair of Nseries handsets has triggered a stack of interesting stories (and unusual ideas). Get the full lowdown on the N85 and the N79, with insights into each device, the people behind them, and the services emerging in their wake.

Welcome, N85 and N79
The all-new N85 is stuffed to the gills with features and functions including N-Gage gaming, 5-megapixel camera, voice navigation and music with built-in FM transmitter. It’s dubbed the definitive entertainment package. The N85 is joined by the new N79 which packs a top feature set with interchangeable covers with matching screen themes to offer one the ultimate in customization. Continue reading >>

Getting behind Nseries
Getting behind the launch of the the new N85 and N79 are members of the team who put the new devices together. Not just one or two, but a broad snapshot of the teams involved. Continue reading >>

Keeping track of life
New products don’t always mean new hardware and this morning a whole new app was announced alongside the N79 and N85. LifeviNe is a bit like the infamous SportsTracker, but for your life. Everything you do can be logged and tracked using lifeviNe so you can easily access the pictures, music and video of wherever you’ve been, either on a map or a timeline. Continue reading >>

N85 snips the safety cord with sharp OLED and battery skills
The new N85 is openly pushing the envelope on the power-friendly front to ensure we feel more relaxed and uninhibited about using those favoured battery-intensive features to the fullest. Continue reading >>

N79 automatically tailored to taste
The N79 comes with a handful of interchangeable Xpress-on covers that feature an embedded chip to enable the replacement of a cover to automatically trigger the on-screen theme to morph accordingly. So, with this in mind it’s interesting to consider the possibility of your physical taste being able to influence or at least suggest the sorts of things you might like to find on your phone. Continue reading >>