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August 26, 2008

N85 snips the safety cord with sharp OLED and battery skills

GLOBAL – I know I’m guilty of playing it safe when it comes to exploiting the full talents of any Nseries I’ve had over the past few years. Sure, l embrace speedy Wi-Fi web browsing (for a few minutes here and there), take GPS-assisted walks through town (short ones), and soak up videos on the move (ten minutes max), however my mobile behavior is soaked in paranoia that if I don’t conservatively cap my usage of these power-hungry features they’ll suck the lifeblood from my device before I know it. I’m sure I’m not alone. Still, I’m keen to break the habit regardless of what handset I’m using, and the new N85 is openly pushing the envelope on the power-friendly front to ensure we feel more relaxed and uninhibited about using those favoured battery-intensive features to the fullest.

Shaking things up is the OLED screen that sits pride of place on the N85. Cutting-edge display technology, this 2.6-inch window into the soul of the device drinks significantly less juice, meaning you’re left safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy more video and let your screen work harder without breaking a sweat. Plus, OLED tech has the added bonus of kicking out richer colours and better contrast, guaranteeing that when you watch movies, view pics or play games the image is far deeper and more engaging.

The power-friendly OLED is backed up by a Nokia BL-5K battery (1200 mAh), which in real terms means the N85 can handle heavy duty tasks for longer. So putting that in context, you’re looking at around seven hours of video playback, 30 hours of music, and improved battery performance across the board when it comes to web browsing, GPS and the traditional pillars of talk-time and standby. The benefits of this OLED and better battery combo filter down to the other features available via the N85, such as its FM transmitter, five megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash and HSDPA connectivity.

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