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August 27, 2008

Video: Hava Mobile Player puts your TV in your pocket

SAN MATEO, USA – Despite mobile TV being a perennial buzzword, it’s now taken to humming in the background while other tangible and more readily accessible services such as GPS location-based software hog the limelight. That said, regardless of the challenges live mobile television faces in establishing itself in many countries, alternative solutions are being championed. As is the case with Hava Mobile Player, created by Monsoon Multimedia – one of the developers cherry-picked for support as part of the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series program.

The simple idea with Hava Mobile player you can watch TV remotely via a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, beaming live footage from your home TV set-up via a simple box that connects to your home entertainment hub. A rival to SlingPlayer Mobile it also lets you remotely schedule recordings and program your set-top box while you’re on the move. Thierry Doyen, Senior Director of Business Development has stepped onto the small screen to talk about the new app and supporting hardware in the short video below…