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September 3, 2008

Announcing The 1100 Club (aka ‘Ditch your smartphone. Go dumb!’)

LONDON, UK – Do we really need smartphones? Indeed, why are they called smartphones? Are all other phones dumb?

I’ve been using cutting-edge Internet-connected mobile devices for around ten years and over time pushed the envelope so far, it’s even got ripped in a few places. Lately I’ve come to see that, in the end, it’s connecting to people (where have I heard that line?) that matters most to me and, for the most part, voice and text seem to do the trick.

Therefore, I hereby announce the formation of The 1100 Club (not to be confused with The 1100 Club).

The most popular electronic device

The club is named after one of the most popular Nokia devices, the Nokia 1100 (in the picture). Nokia has sold over 200 million (almost more than all the smartphones in the world combined) and it wasn’t coincidence that Nokia said that their billionth phone sold was, you guessed it, a Nokia 1100.

Particularly relevant here is that it’s a very simple phone that makes calls and does text messages, just like every other one of the three billion GSM phones out there.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Why is it so popular? Why are there almost two and a half billion phones that are not so smart and not much different from the Nokia 1100? And even though they’re not ‘smart’ doesn’t mean that they’re not brilliant at making calls and sending text messages.

Which is where The 1100 Club comes in.

The team here at Nokia Conversations are wondering if one or all of
us (that means me) should walk the talk and be the poster child for The
1100 Club. The idea is as simple as the phone itself. Find out if we could live without our smartphones and survive with the gentle pace of a Nokia 1100 for one month.

I really want to know what you think. Would you be willing to join The 1100 Club and be content with just making calls and sending text messages?