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September 4, 2008

“Beyond the Web Browser”

JEJU, Korea – Off the back of One Web Day, me and the rest of the Conversations team posted our experiences of the Internet and where we imagine things heading. The future of the Internet and how we interact with it is a hot topic at the moment, and we’re far from the only ones considering this…

Nokia’s Jan Chipchase, a specialist in user-centred design, recently highlighted on his site how he’ll be exploring this further in a presentation he’s doing at the Lift Asia conference in Korea this week.

As Jan describes it he’ll be…

“Contributing to a session on techno-nomadic life with a presentation titled Future Social. The topic? The ongoing dance between existing behavioural/social practices and the disruptions created by new technologies.”

The entire event sounds interesting, with the overarching theme of “Beyond the Web Browser”, and the organizers are posing some equally fascinating questions.

Lift Asia: “At the end of a decade during which the internet revolutionized our lives and organizations, the network is now moving beyond the browser, invading objects, cities, toys, cars or medical devices. Where will the next big changes happen? What are the world’s most innovative people working on right now?”

We’ll be keeping close tabs on what comes up at the event, and reporting back on what Jan Chipchase has to say.