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September 5, 2008

Self portrait created using thousands of Nokia devices

HELSINKI, Finland – Imagine sitting down in front of your computer and manually and meticulously stitching together thousands of photos of Nokia devices together to create a self portrait… then thank the stars you don’t have to because there’s software out there that does all the grunt work (even if you were somehow in anyway inclined to do so). Find out more about the guy responsible right here…

This smart self portrait (pictured right – click on it to blow it up full size), was quickly created by one of the Founders of There’s an interesting interview with him over on Symbian World. Like me, our editor Charlie (who first spotted the mosaic on Flickr), was suitably impressed and asked PseudoFinn how he went about creating the image. As his comment explains, it’s not that tough…

“It’s actually pretty easy- With minimal tweaking through the very straight forward interface, you can quickly and easily get a really nice mosaic. It’s very configurable. I think I used about 250 or so of my own images, with more tiles you can obviously get better results. Have fun with it!”

What do you reckon to PseudoFinn’s effort? Have you done anything similar?

Photo from PseudoFinn